Pirate Dash's Wonderful Puns
Will the shipper...
a little of something: where are ya gonna work now?
WillDrawForFood1: FedEx is my new master
WillDrawForFood1: they pay me handsomely
a little of something: What will you do?
WillDrawForFood1: and every week
Teej: Will is now a master of shipping
a little of something: oh
Teej: Teej smooches PD's and Surprise's faces together
WillDrawForFood1: i've been loading and unloading boxes onto semi trucks for over a month now
a little of something: Cute
a little of something: Oh
a little of something: I see
Teej: That's good to hear, that bit of news is really...
Teej: Teej puts on eyepatch
WillDrawForFood1: its a good workout
WillDrawForFood1: TJ no
Teej: ...Fed'Excellent'
WillDrawForFood1: godammit
A hairy situation...
Daf (Nate) hairs xodi
Xodi: wat
Xodi: hairs?
Daf (Nate): HAIR!
Daf (Nate): Daf (Nate) hairs xodi harder
Xodi: what does "hairs" mean?
Daf (Nate): Xoid can't handle the fluffeh
Teej: He wants to use his hair as a tentacle monster on you
Daf (Nate): That's not...
Daf (Nate): untrue
Indigo: *gasp*
Xodi: wow! XD
Teej: Well, I guess Daf just wants to get a...
Teej: Teej puts on eyepatch
Teej: ...'wild hair up your ass'
Xodi: really?
Xodi: you butt :P
I'm lovin' it...
Scramjet: [8:44 AM] Violet Satin (Magic Rarity):
<<< They betrayed you?
They were supposed to be selling Lego Movie merch, but they weren't
Teej: Well all you can do Scram is just Lego that failed attempt and try again next time
Scramjet: :/
Scramjet: punnnsssss
Teej: Yes
Luna Octavia (Raven Horn): Lego my Eggo?
Teej: Scram, when's the next time you're going to jet off to McDonalds?
Scramjet: Scramjet rolls around on the floor
Teej: Scram, when you go to McDonalds, do you usually put anything on your burger, or do you just get it plane?
Scramjet: I'm gonna hit you Teej >:/
Scramjet: You butt
Teej: LOL
Secret butt fun...
Bleed shark: TJ will steal your underwear. :v
Teej: Does sharky wanna be strung up by his tail at the harbor?
Bleed shark: I would like to see you try >:y
Bleed shark: gg
Espeon: bleedshark senpai
Frist: Woah, get a room guys,
Frist: unless you're planning on sharing~
Bleed shark: sharing is caring :v
Teej: I'll share as long as you're willing to let me...
Teej: Teej puts on eyepatch
Teej: ...'Frist' you
Bleed shark: go home Tj >:y
Fisher: survival of the punnest
That Guy: I wanna fist frist ;A;
A pun with a good 'arch'ery...
Carrot Top: My penname is Conner Cogwork
Carrot Top: I wrote Cross and Arrow.
Vamp「S」hy: Vamp「S」hy typetypetype.
Twilight: And I wrote Solar Flare.
Vamp「S」hy: Vamp「S」hy typetypetypetypetype
Teej: [6:53 PM] Carrot Top:
<<< My penname is Conner Cogwork
I wrote Cross and Arrow.Then we all must 'bow' down to you
Vamp「S」hy: Vamp「S」hy stops typing, and just kinda stares at Teej... o.o
Carrot Top: oh badumtish
'Butt'ing in with puns...
Carrot Top also approves of Swebelle Time. =V
Carrot Top: Long as it's no longer about my butt.
Cream Dream: XD
Teej: Carrot, I'll make sure no one talks about your butt anymore, by protecting you and...
Cream Dream: Carrot Butt Time will resume shortly.
Teej: Teej puts on eyepatch
Teej: ...'flank' you
Carrot Top: Oh badumtish
A pun with the right sound...
Scroll Scribe (Darnel): Scram is rather defensive of Teej? or his trademark 'Nyoom'? either way.
[Θ][Σ] Scherzo: It's the Nyoom
Scroll Scribe (Darnel): if this imposter appears, dood! think of the sky high dogfight!
[Θ][Σ] Scherzo: The nyoom is Scram's thing
[Θ][Σ] Scherzo: It is sacred
[Θ][Σ] Scherzo: The Sacred Nyoom
Jade: nyoom you say
[Θ][Σ] Scherzo: Tarnish not the Nyoom else the Brrrt will be cast down upon thee with the fury of six afterburners.
Ahmedz: nyooom~
Scroll Scribe (Darnel): Scroll Scribe (Darnel) laughs out loud.
Wolvan™: Scherzo are you feeling alright?
Wolvan™: YES
Wolvan™: NYOOM everywhere!
Wolvan™: and brrrt seemingly
Teej: I like the nyoom
Teej: It makes Scram special and sets him apart, so he's not just another...
Teej: Teej puts on eyepatch
Wolvan™: it's a cute sound
Teej: ...'plane' ol' pony
Scramjet: Scramjet bangs his head against the wall
Wolvan™: that was a bad one
Teej: Teej raises roof
Wolvan™: really bad
[Θ][Σ] Scherzo: Teej noh.
Good 'cum'edy...
Fisher: boop
wuzzlebuffowumps: bap
WillDrawForFood1: fap
FlavinBagel: Not on the couch!
WillDrawForFood1: i have tissues chill
Post Cactus: woop
Teej: Will's fine to do that since he's got his tissues, that's the...
Teej: Teej puts on eyepatch
Teej: ...'jizz't of it
FlavinBagel: grozz.
Paddy [Dr. Superhero Princess]: ECH
FlavinBagel: Don't make me think about the gentleman gravy of people I know.
Teej: Why do you think I go no mayo on my burgers at Wendy's
Teej: OH!
Teej: Teej is so sorry
WillDrawForFood1: mix it with coffee and milk
WillDrawForFood1: make a
WillDrawForFood1: WillDrawForFood1 sees himself out
WillDrawForFood1: fappucino
FlavinBagel: You guys are the worst.
WillDrawForFood1: we rly are
FlavinBagel: You're the Brita of skype.
Teej: Teej slow clap
Teej: Well done
WillDrawForFood1: thank u
It's not in the cards...
Hiroshi-Tea: I spent my budget on fountain and calligraphy pens. Maybe I'll get cards next month
Teej: Pens over cards? Do you think that was the...
Teej: Teej puts on eyepatch
Teej: ...'write' idea?
Hiroshi-Tea: My thought process was somewhat sketchy, I admit
Hiroshi-Tea: But I had an inkling that I might enjoy these pens more